St Andrews A Capella Society


St Andrews plays host to a number of internationally-acclaimed contemporary A Cappella groups.


A Royal Romance

In 2011, The Other Guys released a music video tribute to the most famous alumni of their university – Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were to marry later that year. The video went viral and propelled the group into the international spotlight, unexpectedly setting the scene for what is now a vibrant, thriving, and philanthropic culture of student A Capella in the tiny Scottish town.


Hub of Harmonies

Boasting six award-winning groups, the St Andrews A Capella scene has burgeoned into quite a platform for creativity in recent years and attracts hundreds of students interested in expressing themselves while giving back to the community.


Capturing the music market

When we established Ampersand in 2015, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we were working alongside one of these groups. We just didn’t know it would turn out to be three of them over the years. (6).gif


The Other Guys



The Accidentals (4).gif




When we established Ampersand, we wanted to collaborate with one of these groups. In the end, we got to co-create with three of them.


The 1st Production

A few months after we launched Ampersand, one of The Other Guys reached out with a proposition. The group had recently finished recording a single and wanted our help to produce a music video in support of the charity Prostate Cancer UK.


The 2nd Production

The following year, we were approached by The Accidentals, who wanted a music video of their own. Employing the incredibly difficult single-shot filming technique, we produced an unforgettable video for which broke viewership records for the group.


While many members of our team had a hand with these projects, it was perhaps Yaz who most embraced the A Capella scene at St Andrews, taking the helm of St Andrews’ youngest group, rebranding it, and going on to win the Scottish A Capella Championships.

Cross Dabieh Management Group


CDMG is a ok.


Matching Missions

CDMG represents multi-disciplinary filmmakers, musicians, and designers. Their broad-based approach to seeking out creatives was naturally intriguing to us, as it fell in line with our mission to propel up-and-coming artistic talent to the fore.


The Spirit of Collaboration

As a boutique consultancy, CDMG tends to work on a variety of creative projects and campaigns, always striving for collaborative creation and legacy in the work they do.


Meeting of Makers

We worked to capture several musicians in the studio and out in front of crowds. Each artist’s unique sound needed to be reflected in the visual identity of the photos we produced, so we made sure to get to know the artists before working with them.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival


Every summer since 1979, Copenhagen Jazz Festival has reclaimed its title as one of Europe’s premier international music events.



As one of the jazz hubs of Europe, Copenhagen serves as a perfect backdrop to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which ranks as one of the largest music events in Europe.

The 40th edition of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival featured a truly impressive range of music with 100 venues hosting over 1400 performing acts.
— Variety Magazine

Musical Moments

In 2017, we traveled with Christian Sands, Ulysses Owens Jr. and several other renowned artists. Experiencing the authenticity and joy of their music for ourselves allowed us to better capture those treasured moments performing in front of crowds.